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Omni Wound Physicians offers advanced wound care for your patients/members at their place of residence with goals of promoting effective and faster healing outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, decrease in ER visits, and prevent hospital readmissions.

Wound Care Treatment and Management

  • An OWP provider will provide weekly wound evaluation and treatment at the patient’s place of residence thereby preventing wound infection and hospital readmission.
  • OWP can be additional support or resource for your practice/organization to achieve the patient’s goals of care.
  • OWP providers will collaborate with your practice/organization to promote CONTINUITY and QUALITY of care.
  • OWP’s visits will prevent patients from expensive and challenging transportation to wound care centers and hospitals. It will also save the patient’s time, resources, and unnecessary hospital exposures.
  • OWP’s clinical progress notes and orders are available within 24 hours or the next business day.
  • We strive to provide cost-effective wound care with the goal of not sacrificing the quality of care for our patients.
  • OWP Providers do not only focus on the wound treatment but they make sure that the patient’s pain is managed before, during, and after the procedure.

Feeding Tube Replacement & Management

  • OWP offers Urgent and Routine G-tube replacements, G-tube Maintenance, and Removal at the patient’s place of residence with Mobile X-ray (with water-soluble contrast) confirmation of placement. OWP G-tube replacements or removal done at the patient’s bedside can tremendously help your organization by preventing ER visits and hospital readmissions.
  • OWP has providers that can accommodate Urgent G-tube replacements within 4-8 hours upon request.

Clinical Education

  • OWP is committed to providing support to your organization to achieve excellence by providing clinical education to your nurses and staff. We offer clinical in-services, CEU, Wound Certification, pre & post-survey reports.