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About Us

Comprehensive consultations and excellent treatment.
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Our Mission

At Omni Wound Physicians, our commitment is to pioneer in both mobile and clinic-based wound care services. We integrate state-of-the-art treatments with thorough education for patients and caregivers, bolstered by strategic partnerships to achieve superior healing outcomes. Our utilization of advanced AI technologies serves as a co-pilot to our dedicated physicians, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in our workflows. This integration ensures meticulous early assessments and tailored care plans, all while maximizing cost efficiency. Emphasizing collaboration and innovation, we strive to not only improve outcomes but also to ensure that our technology complements the irreplaceable human touch of our medical professionals.

Our Vision

At Omni Wound Physicians, we envision ourselves at the apex of wound care excellence, serving as a guiding light in the industry. Our steadfast dedication to wound healing and cost management sets the standard for how wound care should be delivered. Leveraging advanced therapies, proactive intervention, and strategic partnerships, we are poised to transform the landscape of wound care. Our ultimate goal is to enhance wellness and foster healthier communities by extensively educating both patients and caregivers, ensuring that every interaction advances comprehensive understanding and care.

Who We Are

Highly Qualified Providers

Omni Wound Physicians is a group of licensed, qualified healthcare professionals (Physicians, Surgeons, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners) providing advanced surgical wound consultation and treatment, as well as feeding tube management services at the patient’s bedside.

Wound & Feeding Tube Care at the Bedside

With the increasing amount of the elderly population having multiple chronic co-morbidities, our goal is to reduce Return to Acute Care Hospital (RTACH) readmissions, improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, while at the same time, reducing costs of wound care in the community.

No Cost to You

Our treatments and consultations are covered by most insurance plans. *There is absolutely no cost to you as a patient, a home health or hospice agency, or as a facility. We bill through the patient’s insurance directly.

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